Yscolan Tune School with Ceri Rhys Matthews

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yscolan tune school with ceri rhys matthews

A weekend of learning tunes from local Welsh traditions in the beautiful setting of north Pembrokeshire with musician and founder member of fernhill Ceri Rhys Matthews. The emphasis will be on melody & will cover airs as well as the broad range of dance-tune types from jigs, hornpipes, & reels; to older forms including triple time music such as hop jigs, slip jigs, and 3/2 polkas, reels & hornpipes. In past yscolan schools the emphasis has been a philosophical one, but this forthcoming series of workshops will be based on practical learning.

Ceri will be teaching a neglected repertoire by ear. No sheet music will be supplied, but students are encouraged to bring their own recording devices, including manuscript.

The weekend is open to any type of melody instrument, and the ability to play by ear is a minimum requirement. Players will not be graded into beginners, intermediate etc., and we will learn together at our own pace. Slow & fast learners will deal with different practical problems together, for example; faster learners will look at phrasing, rhythmic nuance, improvisation etc., while slower learners will deal with landing points in the tunes, & how melody & rhythm coincide. The aim will be to play together as much as possible and to broaden our tune repertoire.

All food will be provided & Julie Murphy will cook for us. All dietary requirements are catered for. Bring your own alcohol.
At the end of the weekend, Ceri & Julie will give a concert.

Cost £175 inclusive. To book, please email ceri.matho@me.com ‘yscolan tune school’ . A non refundable deposit of £75 is needed to secure a place

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I forgot to say that there are 10 places available

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Five places available at the moment

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Last two places remaining

Re: Yscolan Tune School with Ceri Rhys Matthews

Fully subscribed now. We’ll be organising another in the spring.