Celtic Jam - each Wednesday evening

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Celtic Jam for Morning Tea

A chance to learn how to play in jam sessions! We will learn a tune by ear each week at a very relaxed pace, and build up a common repertoire. We also perform regularly during the year. This group is perfect for anyone who finds regular sessions too fast, who would like to start playing by ear, not sheet music, or who is looking for a social music group to join. And like the title says, the mid-morning cuppa is an essential part of the session!
Runs every Friday morning during the school term, from 10am - midday. Starts up again on Feb 2, 2018

Re: Celtic Jam

There’s an evening session at Jika Community Centre in Oldis Gardens, 2 East St, Northcote. Every Friday evening during the school term, from 5:30pm - 7pm. Post-work nibbles on offer and BYO if you like! Starts again in the new year on Feb 2, 2018.

Re: Celtic Jam

I wish it was saturday or sunday morning.