Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

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The brilliant, innovative harping of Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Irish Traditional Musician of the Year 2001, and the astonishing virtuosity and versatility of English guitar wizard Chris Newman, has been heard all over the world: now they come to Sandhurst with their addictive and stylish cocktail of powerhouse Irish dance-music, gorgeous airs, evocative old songs and striking new compositions - with shots of hot jazz and bluegrass thrown in!

Their sixth CD together, FireWire (2007), has garnered extraordinary critical acclaim : “Takes one of the most effete instruments in traditional music by the scruff of the neck and breathes a fire into its belly… Straddles traditions with grace and just a tincture of danger” (The Irish Times); "Maire Ni Chathasaigh is in a class of her own" (The Guardian); “An eclecticism and spirit of adventure that is quite thrilling… Virtuoso playing… bewitching string fantasies and a wonderfully clear and expressive voice" (The Times); “Brilliant, innovative harping and guitar-playing of astonishing virtuosity and versatility” (Songlines); “A gorgeously complex mix of the lovely and lyrical and the positively jubilant by two top-notch players. A real treasure” (Dirty Linen)

Their “blazing guitar and dancing harp”, coupled with Chris’s “subversively witty introductions”, guarantee a unique and captivating evening.

More information about the artists is available from their website www.oldbridgemusic.com

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