Concert - Máire Breatnach & Thomas Loefke - Celtic fiddle & harp

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Concert - Máire Breatnach & Thomas Loefke - Celtic fiddle & harp

Máire Breatnach, a famous Irish violinist, will play for a unique concert in Geneva. In the intimate setting of the Everest room, she will be accompanied by harpist Thomas Loefke for an exceptional concert.

Máire Breatnach is an Irish violinist who has acquired a worldwide reputation thanks to her participation in the "Riverdance" shows. She is a musical storyteller, a modern representative of the Celtic Bard Guild. Her compositions tell love stories and epics of Irish mythology. Her songs are the great traditional love songs of her country, obviously in Gaelic, filled with passion, desire and melancholy. Dance compositions have found their way into the traditional repertoire of Irish Folk culture. This exceptional artist has participated as a composer, musician or producer in almost all major Irish productions over the past 30 years. She has worked with Nigel Kennedy, Mike Oldfield, Clannad, Donovan and the Chieftains. His 6 CDs are jewels of traditional music mixed with contemporary compositions.

Norland Wind - Harpist Thomas Loefke accompanies Máire on her musical travels through Ireland’s Celtic past. The current CD ROCK POOLS brings together recent compositions from 2016 with Máire and Thomas’ favourite recordings from the last 22 years.

The Everest room is a cosy private space and its capacity is limited, so it is essential to reserve your place by contacting the following number: 079.832.65.46 (call or SMS) or by email: