Donal Clancy Solo Concert

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Donal Clancy Solo Concert in Boxboro on May 9th ‘19

Join a small, cozy event to hear Donal Clancy sing some songs and play some amazing guitar tunes. Donal is Liam Clancy’s son, long time Danu member, toured with his dad and other Clancy Family greats).

This gig is totally just a plan to avoid thumb twiddling midweek while he makes his way to the Cherish the Ladies
super cruise out of NY (which, BTW, might have space left as final cabin assignments settle in). $20 to attend, all pay at the door. Hoping some session musicians will zoom along 495 to exit 28 to hear Donal this exit is just south of where Rt 2 and 495 meet. The Boxboro Regency is right at 495 exit 28, no flailing around in the dark to find it. The driveway to the hotel is right across from a fuel station at the bottom of the east side ramp, in Boxboro. Cash bar and half price appetizers special that night. Follow "Minuteman Grille" signs. We will be in the function wing. It’s a big hotel with a pool court, we are using The Cotillion Room. If we see a few instrument cases come in the door, we will have a little jam afterwards in the pub. Limited seating. Introduce yourself and where you attend sessions when you come in the door. Reserve space by emailing<> and I will send you back a message confirming.

Donal has become such a great singer and writer in his own right, through years of busy touring with family and with the Danu greats. Coming "a ways"? This hotel is not that expensive, and they have renovated their rooms. cheers! Steph Gant