Free Introductory Dance Session ~ Old Style Irish Dancing

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Free Introductory Dance Session ~ Old Style Irish Dancing

1-1.45pm Free Introductory Dance Session to include:
- some background on Old Style Dance, with demonstrations.
- an opportunity to dance a few basic steps
- absolutely NO experience necessary
- bring some hard soled shoes and a sense of fun!
- Warning! - step dancing can become addictive!

Step dancing is not just a great way to get fit but gives you an opportunity to make new friends through music and dance.

All welcome

What is Step Dancing?
Step dancing is a percussive form of dance, danced alone, with footwork close to the floor. It is danced by people of all ages - I know step dancers who are over 80. Old Style Step dancing is the precursor to competitive Irish dancing and Riverdance.

What to wear / bring to this introductory session?
A sense of fun! There are no expensive accessories required, just wear some hard soled shoes, please avoid sneakers, or shoes with a wedge-heel. (at class, I would recommend you bring a bottle of water)

Research ….
Research has proven that dancing is one of the best forms of activity for keeping the body active and the mind alert.

Also of note, a full workshop will follow the free taster session, those attending the beginner session can stay and watch, or participate if they feel able, full details here:

1.45pm Registration
2-4pm Workshop teaching Celine Tubridy’s version of the Blackbird Set Dance (in hornpipe time).
This workshop would suit those who have attended at least 2 terms of Annette’s classes, or have a background in percussive dance.

Cost: £15
Live music throughout.
4pm Tea / coffee / cake and chit-chat

Get in touch if you would like further information on the free session, workshop or new term of classes - starting on 25 September in Lurgan Town Hall.

Via Facebook message
Tel: 07788 730 429

Warning: Step dancing can become addictive!