The Saturday Coffee Sessions

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The Saturday Coffee Sessions

Enjoy playing traditional fiddle tunes in fresh arrangements with two or three-part harmony.

These monthly sessions combine sociable ensemble playing with expert guidance from tutor Kitty Greenwood . Technical tips, advice on style, ornaments and bowing patterns will all be covered, plus a strong emphasis on developing musicality and confidence within the ensemble.

Please drop me a line to reserve your place. If you haven’t been to one of my workshops before, please send a few details to describe your musical interests, experience and approximate level of playing.

I’ll be sending sheet music and recordings of all the tunes in advance of each workshop. Many of the tunes have already featured in our ‘Play it By Ear’ workshops and are also available on the ‘PiBE’ CDs.

Fees are £15 per session, advance booking only. Do give me a call on 01584 841564 or email if you’d like any further information.