The 21st Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert

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Jimmy McHugh

Who’s in Glasgow next weekend?!

Re: Jimmy McHugh

I’ll be there, along with thousands of others, but for the big AUOB march!

Jimmy McHugh festival

Who is going this year, should be a great weekend.

Re: Jimmy McHugh festival

This is more suitable for the appropriate ‘Event’ page!

PS. I’m arriving at Jury’s at 5 on Saturday.

Re: Jimmy McHugh festival

Sorry, not this year. Have a good time. Please let us know how it goes.

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Re: Jimmy McHugh festival

Let’s hope for good chairs.

Re: Jimmy McHugh festival

Best wishes to all!

I wish I could be there too, but I am half a world away 🙁

Jimmy was not only a brilliant musician, but a very beautiful, gifted, and generous man with whom I shared some great tunes and times.
A man of incredible knowledge, thoughtful, and, way before its time, mindfulness!
And after all these years, he and all his family have been, and still are so kind and precious to me.
Enjoy and celebrate this lovely occasion!

All the best
Brian xx

Re: Jimmy McHugh festival

I won’t make the concert but will probably pop into the hotel for the debauchery afterwards. I recall people getting there at like half-ten or eleven-ish?

Re: The 21st Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert

In my experience anytime between 11.30 pm and 9.30 am are the busiest times!

Re: The 21st Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert

I was there - at the AUOB march earlier on - I don’t think I’ve dried out from that yet - and unfortunately that’s nothing to do with the drink - it poured non-stop for all of it!
The concert was excellent, with highlights for me, being Deidre Collis and Kevin Rowsome. Cathal was, as always, brilliant and excentric. There were a couple of good going sessions afterwards too. 🙂

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