Cancelled: Annual Shamrock Cruise

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Annual Shamrock Cruise

Tickets are now available for the
Cruise with Tom Creegan, Eliot Grasso, Dale Russ, Brandon Vance, Cary Novotny, Glen Waddell, OIDA dancers and Rob Barrick!
Schedule: Boarding starts at 2pm. Embark at 2:30. 1st deck we will have Dreos playing the whole cruise and this year, we will have Sam Keator calling ceili from 3:30-4:30. Bistro is on the 1st deck too. 2nd deck we will have Crumac playing the whole cruise. Rob Barrick will be piping away as we board from the 3rd (sun) deck and roaming on the 1st and 2nd decks through the three hour cruise and as we debark at 5:30. Both decks, 1 & 2, there are bars for you as well as water. Plenty of seats and tables for you and your families to cruise together. Christina and Victoria White of OIDA will be step dancing on decks 1 & 2 but hardshoe dances will only be on the 2nd deck (at this point). We will cruise this year north beyond the Steel Bridge too!

Re: Annual Shamrock Cruise

This has now (unsurprisingly) been cancelled.