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Button Box & Moothies : Aberdeen Oct. 2020

"The Elphinstone Institute of Aberdeen University is delighted to announce that we will once again be hosting a “Button Boxes & Moothies” weekend of events in October 2020 in the city.
This is an one-of-a kind convention celebrating the music of free reed instruments - button accordions and melodeons, concertinas, mouth organs and jews harps. There is no other convention like it in Scotland, and it is a wonderful opportunity for musicians to gather together and for people young and old to be introduced to the music of these very special and lesser-known instruments. The convention will combine a study day, workshops, concerts, ceilidh, and informal sessions".

The focus is on the use of these instruments in the British Isles and Ireland. Limited funding prohibits us from bringing guests from further afield. After an initial meeting, the second meeting will be held next week where we will be considering guest musicians for concerts and workshops.
I know a fair bit about players in Scotland and Ireland, but acknowledge a relative weakness relating to players of these instruments from England and Wales. Any suggestions would be gratefully received, and will certainly be considered.
Thanks in advance.

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Regarding your request for suggestions of players from England. You could do no better than Will Pound as an English folk exponent of both the Moothy and the Button Box, but then you probably new that. At every festival I have seen him performing at he always runs a workshop and then, when not performing, can be found in the bar playing sessions and encouraging beginners to lead at their speed.

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Is this still going ahead?

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No. Sorry. Not this year.