Cancelled: FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend 2020

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FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend 2020

The 7th FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend will place 3-5 April in Portobello, with Workshops taking place on Saturday 4th April and sessions all weekend.

This year’s tutors are Davy Maguire (Belfast), John Gahagan (Glasgow) and Sharon Creasey (Dumbarton).

Come and be part of the traditional flute and whistle revival in Scotland, with sessions, workshops, talks, performances and more.

The weekend programme includes:

a full day of workshops featuring three tutors
special guest discussion
Guided Tour of St Cecilia’s Hall and Music Museum
sessions each day, including informal performance spots
optional group meals


Ticket prices remain unchanged for a three-tutor weekend.

Workshops Saturday 4th April: Standard: £50/ Concessions: £40 | On sale soon

Please note that tickets are for the workshops and tuition only. When purchasing your ticket, please include your playing level and instrument so that we can allocate the right group for you.
As you purchase your ticket, you will be sent a link to add your name to those coming to the meal, which is is both optional and separate.

Museum tour Friday 3rd April: Free, limited to 20 | tickets available soon

Sessions: free and open to all.

Saturday Workshops

The weekend once again centres on a day of workshops on the Saturday. We return to our usual format of three tutors and three groups, with the groups rotating between between all of the tutors.

Suitability: The workshops are intended for simple system wooden flutes in D, Boehm system flutes and whistles and low whistles in D. While not suitable for complete beginners and best for those with at least 1-2 years experience (this can vary), we do welcome those returning to the instruments after a break.


This year’s tutors will be Davy Maguire (Belfast), John Gahagan (Glasgow) and Sharon Creasey (Dumbarton).

Davy Maguire teaches at BelfastTrad and is one of the most significant flute players of his generation, known not only in Belfast, but on the European continent for his dynamic and powerful style. He has travelled regularly to Britanny and formed a strong playing partnership with the Breton flute player Jean Michelle Veillon. Davy is equally well-known for his humour and teaching ability and he is respected as one of Belfast’s finest musical sons.

Davy Maguire previously taught at the first Aberdeen Weekend and we are delighted that he is able to teach in Edinburgh this year.

John Gahagan is a flute and whistle player, formerly a member of The Battlefield Band. One of the longest-serving flute and whistle players in Scotland, he will be teaching in Edinburgh this year following his popular teaching classes in Aberdeen in November.

As he devotes his time to his art, this is a rare chance to hear and learn from him beyond Glasgow, where he normally plays and teaches.

Core tutor and co-founder Sharon Creasey returns to Edinburgh with her experience of playing traditional music on Boehm system flute, piccolo and whistle. Sharon’s teaching is essential for anyone, but particularly for those crossing over into traditional music on the Boehm system flute.

Her extensive knowledge of the music of Fermanagh and interest in digging into old music collections and manuscripts always produces rare and unusual material to the workshops.

Workshop venue and location

With good cafes, bars and restaurants, art galleries and nearby beach, Portobello is an attractive location and base for the weekend. There is also a good range of hotels, guest houses and AirBnB.

Venue: This year we will return to Bellfield in Portobello, for flutes and whistles by the sea. Portobello is just a 26 bus ride away from Waverley Station, has free parking and good road links for those traveling by car.

Address: Bellfield, 16B Bellfield Street, Portobello, EH15 2BP

Re: FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend 2020

The Edinburgh Weekend 3-5 April is continuing to take shape. Munro Gauld will be returning, this time to talk with Gordon Turnbull about his explorations in the Perthshire music archives and playing traditional music rooted in the history of the landscape. Take a listen to his music here:

Re: FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend 2020

This is now being postponed.

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