Flute & Whistle with Hamish Napier

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Flute & Whistle with Hamish Napier

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig are excited to have award-winning and multi-instrumentalist folk musician Hamish Napier return to their Short Course Programme for Easter 2020.

The course is open both flute and whistle players and will encourage students to develop a happy relationship with their instrument. Hamish will encourage discussions on practice approaches and materials, performance confidence, ornamentation and articualtion, intonation, tone, breathing technique and choosing good breathing places in tunes. There will also be some ‘need to know’ theory: rhythm games and four ‘need-to-know’ folk scales (and how to get them sounding free-flowing and effortless on your instrument). The workshops will also prioritise popular Scottish folk session repertoire that fit beautifully on flute and whistle.

The course will be taught mostly by ear, with supplementary sheet music and info handouts given each day. Boehm system flute players are also welcome too!