Return To London Town

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Return To London Town

A mix of online and socially-distanced events.

On Friday, October 23rd, there’ll be Trad Cinema featuring interviews and performances with Dervish, Frankie Gavin, and more. Tickets for the streaming of the film are £12.50:

On Saturday, October 24th there’ll be online workshops with Shiela Friel, Jack Talty, Angelina Carberry, Martin Tourish, Cathy Jordan, and many more. Tickets are £10 (or £6 for under 18s).

That night there’ll be a livestream of a concert from Cadogan Hall with Le Chéile and The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, along with an album launch from John and James Carty with Jonas Fromseier. Tickets are £12.50:

Finally on Sunday, October 25th there are socially-distanced workshops in Ashford Place with Tad Sargent, Rita Farrell, John Carty and many more. Tickets are £10 (or £6 for under 18s).

You can find more info on the website: