Mary O’s Virtual Session #50: John Redmond and Matt Stapleton

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Mary O’s Virtual Session: John Redmond and Matt Stapleton

For the past five years, we’ve met every Thursday at Mary O’s in Manhattan. In March 2020, we moved the session online, meeting virtually twice a week! In early August, we took a little break, followed by five CTARS sessions and a Halloween extravaganza. Now we’re back with sessions every week for the rest of 2020. The format will be our original one, with guest leaders and special guests from around the world.

Here’s the plan for Thursday, December 3rd:
Guest Leaders: John Redmond and Matt Stapleton
Special Guests: Mairtin de Cogain, Isaac Alderson, and Santiago Molina
Theme: New Hobbies of 2020
Don’t forget to send your photos pertaining to the theme to us by 6:30pm EST if you want it on the broadcast! (

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Hope to see you at the Mary O’s on Thursday!