“Taking Time” slow session

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John Whelan’s “Taking Time” slow sessions

John Whelan is hosting a series of live, Zoom-based “Taking Time” slow sessions, with a focus on common tunes at comfortable, moderate speeds. These are free and open to musicians of all instruments and abilities from anywhere in the world. Listeners are very welcome too.

The sessions start at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern/midnight GMT and generally run for two hours. John committed to doing at least six of these, and this is #4 -- so there’ll be at least two more after this, on the same day and same time.

I’m wary of posting a Zoom link here or on any public website (seems a recipe for “Zoom crashers”), so the easiest way to get the link is to go to http://johnwhelanmusic.com/ and join John’s email list; the link and tune list for the slow session is sent out the day before or sometimes the morning of.

You can also message me here for the Zoom link. I’m not great at monitoring messages here, but I’ll try to remember to check on Wednesdays at least!