Slow Session with Paudie O’Connor

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Slow Session with Paudie O’Connor

This Zoom session is every third Sunday of the month, free to attend:

Register ahead of time here to get the Zoom link:

Some of the regular tunes are:


• The Blackthorn Stick/Haste to the Wedding
• The Connaught Man’sRambles/Out On The Ocean
• Donnybrook Fair (The Joy Of My Life), The Kesh
• The Lark In The Morning
• The Lilting Banshee/My Darling Asleep,
• Morrison’s, An T’Athair Jack Walsh
• Tripping Up The Stairs, Tobin’s Favourite
• The Blarney Pilgrim
• Jerry’s Beaver Hat/The Munster Buttermilk


• Cooley’s/The Wise Maid
• The Maid Behind the Bar/The Concertina
• Miss McLeod’s/The Mountain Road
• Rolling in the Ryegrass/St Anne’s
• The Sally Gardens/The Silver Spear
• The Bucks of Oranmore
• The Galtee Rangers/O’Keeffe’s /Callaghan’s
• The Congress/The Sunny Banks
• Over the Moor to Maggie/The Star of Munster
• Connell’s Trip to Parliament/George White’s Favourite

Hornpipes/Set Dances/Barn Dances/Flings:

• The Boys Of Bluehill, Harvest Home
• Cronin’s/The Rights Of Man
• Off To California, The Plains of Boyle
• The Devil is Dead
• Green Grow the Rushes O
• King Of The Fairies

Slip Jigs/Hop Jigs:

• The Butterfly
• Na Ceannabháin Bhána/Táim in Arrears


• Denis Murphy’s/The Keiser
• The Brosna Slides
• The Dingle Regatta
• Bill the Weaver’s/ Merrily Kissed The Quaker


• Egan’s Polka/Jimmy Doyle’s
• As I Went Out Upon The Ice/The Britches Full of Stitches
• The Ballydesmond Polkas
• The Rattling Bog/John Ryan’s Polka

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btw. The time zone is GMT+1 as it is near Dublin, IR