Steady Speed Session: Scottish and Scandy tunes

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Steady Speed Session: Scottish and Scandy tunes (UK)

Scottish and Scandinavian tunes, led by Kitty Greenwood and Garry Wiseman

Enjoy a varied selection of traditional Scottish and Scandinavian tunes - including jigs, reels, vals, polskas, and more! We provide pdf sheet music so that you can learn all the melodies in advance.
On the night, we’ll play each tune slowly, then a few times through at a faster tempo. Whatever your level, accurate, steady-speed performance reaps huge musical rewards, allowing you to improve your technical skills and to draw out the unique personality of each tune. All instruments welcome. Most tunes are melodeon-friendly.

We use super-fast internet and a professional quality sound-system so that you will get the best possible experience on Zoom. Participants will be muted while playing - so have no fears, your mistakes won’t be heard by the rest of the group!

Fee £6 -please state which event you are booking - or message to reserve a place and I’ll send a link to pay by card. A link to the pdfs will be emailed to you when you book.
Any questions? Just get in touch - email preferred