Slow Irish Session

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Beginner-Friendly Session

We’ll be playing tunes at a moderate pace, with the intent of making it approachable for the beginner to intermediate player. All melody instruments welcome*
I’ve posted a list with a few "starter" tunes on the facebook event page, and recorded a quick bunch of play-along youtube videos.

*There is currently a county-wide mask mandate for all public indoor spaces, which may complicate things for wind players. Weather permitting, we’ll be gathering on the patio, so it won’t be an issue, but I can’t guarantee the weather.

Re: Beginner-Friendly Session

‘Can’t make this one but often pass through the Madison area on fly fishing trips and would like to attend any future event

Re: Beginner-Friendly Session

Ed, hopefully we get a good enough response that this becomes a regular thing! And if so I’ll definitely keep it updated here.