WiseWood Folk Steady Speed Session: Popular Irish Tunes

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WiseWood Folk Steady Speed Session: Popular Irish Tunes

An hour of Irish session tunes, in the company of Kitty Greenwood & Garry Wiseman
Join us to play a selection of well-known: jigs, reels, hornpipes, slow airs & polkas. We provide pdf sheet music plus steady speed audio - everything you need to learn all the melodies in advance.
On the night, we’ll play each tune slowly, then a few times through at a faster tempo. Whatever your level, accurate, steady-speed performance reaps huge musical rewards, allowing you to improve your technical skills and draw out the unique personality of each tune.

We use super-fast internet and a professional quality sound-system so that you will get the best possible experience on Zoom. Participants will be muted while playing - so have no fears, your mistakes won’t be heard by the rest of the group!

Start time 19:30 UTC (8.30 pm in UK)
Fee £6 or £20 for 4 (15th Oct, 12th Nov, 26th Nov, 10th Dec) A link to the pdfs and audio recordings of our Irish tune library will be emailed to you when you book.
or email folkfiddleteacher@gmail.com for other payment options.

Re: WiseWood Folk Steady Speed Session: Irish Tunes

You can also buy a season ticket for 8 Zoom sessions:
Friday Oct 15th Popular Irish session tunes
Weds Oct. 20th English session
Weds Nov 3rd: French & Breton session
Friday Nov 12th: Popular Irish session tunes
Weds Nov 17th: Scottish & Scandy session
Friday Nov 26th: Popular Irish session tunes
Weds Dec 1st: English session
Friday Dec 10th Popular Irish session tunes

Sessions start at 8.30 pm (19:30 UTC). We send a playlist with pdf sheet music in advance of each session. Friday’s Irish tunes are also available as slow tempo mp3 recordings.
A season ticket for all 8 events is £36. Wednesdays only £20, Fridays only £20. Individual sessions £6 . Please message folkfiddleteacher@gmail.com for full details, or ask to be added to our mailing list.