Saturday Coffee Sessions: Fiddles in Harmony

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Saturday Coffee Sessions: Fiddles in Harmony

The Coffee Sessions offer an irresistible blend of sociable ensemble playing with expert guidance on style, technique and musicality. We’ll be playing traditional tunes with original harmony parts, composed by tutor Kitty Greenwood especially for folk fiddle players.

Meet at 10.30 a.m. for coffee and conversation. Workshop starts at 11 am.
Lunch in the cafe from 1 pm (optional)
Fee £15 per person.

I’ll be sending sheet music for all parts, complete with bowing and ornamentation in advance of the workshop. There are easy parts for beginners and more sophisticated music for advanced players. Many of the tunes have already featured in our Steady Speed Zoom Sessions
NB: refreshments not included in price.

Please email to reserve your place. If you haven’t been to our events before, please send a few details to describe your musical interests, experience and approximate level of playing.

Do give me a call on 01584 841564 or email if you’d like any further information!

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Next workshop: Sat March 5th