Séamus McGuire, Niamh Varian-Barry and Gerry O’Beirne

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A Music Network Tour Concert - Violas in Traditional Music

Curiosity, virtuosity and a deep understanding of the Irish tradition are just some of the things that unite this trio of fine musicians. A new musical force to be reckoned with, their performances on this Music Network tour will explore traditional grooves, great melody and the beautiful sonority of violas in traditional music.

The event is presented jointly by the Irish Cultural Centre and IMDL (Irish Music and Dance in London).

A compelling new Music Network collaboration featuring the unique and beautiful sound of violas in traditional music.

Séamus McGuire viola/fiddle
Niamh Varian-Barry viola/fiddle/voice
Gerry O’ Beirne voice/guitar

Niamh is a fiddle and viola player, composer, and former lead singer with Solas. A founding member of the Irish Memory Orchestra, she is one of the select few who can cross easily between classical and folk. Likewise with Séamus Mcguire, who brings all the richness of the viola to his traditional tunes and his sumptuous compositions for the West Ocean String Quartet and the band Buttons and Bows. The go-to guitarist of choice for so many musicians, Gerry O’Beirne brings to the trio his massive breadth of expertise in so many genres and a glorious voice to boot.

Audiences can look forward to hearing captivating arrangements of songs and instrumentals and a brand new Music Network commission by these wonderful musicians.

“Séamus McGuire’s supple tone was a delight, his instrument tracing shapes every bit as distinctive as anything John Coltrane, Ben Webster or Martin Hayes have created” – The Irish Times

“A simply wonderful musician” – FolkWorld [on Niamh Varian-Barry]

“The playing of O’Beirne is superlative and subtle beyond words.” The Sunday Times

Rescheduled from 18th February


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