St. Louis Tionol

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St. Louis Tionol

The St. Louis Tionol is happening live! Visit for more info.

From their website:
"The weekend of April 9, we’ll be hosting the 24th Annual St. Louis Tionól, live. We’re scaling things back a bit, but we feel its important to get back together and do something. If you’re vaccinated or have a current negative test, we hope you’ll join us.

Registration is open!

Please see our Covid Policy

If you can’t join us this year - please consider a donation!"

Also here are the teachers, from :
Concertina - Brenda Castles
Dance - Jackie O’Riley
Fiddle (Adv, Int) - Dale Russ, Alison Perkins
Flute - John Skelton
Pipes (Adv, Int, Beg)- Kieran O’Hare, Fiachra O’Regan, Joey Abarta & Nic Brown
Reeds & Pipe Maintenance- TBD
Whistle - Kathleen Conneely

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