Briege Murphy

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Briege Murphy - Singer- Songwriter from Co. Armagh, Ireland

Singer-songwriter Briege Murphy, is a native of The Ring of Gullion valley, South Armagh- an area rich in songs and storytelling. Her songs are often inspired by the surroundings of the beautiful hill country in which she was reared, and still lives with her family.
Songs like “The Hills of South Armagh “ and “Cloghinne Winds” amongst others, have been recorded by many artists across the globe, including Aoife Scott, Frances Black, Don Stiffe, Niamh Parsons and many more. Upon release of her first album “The Longest Road “ , Briege carved out her place as one of the strong women of Irish music, moving her audiences, by her words, her lilting melodies, her passion for Ireland, and her native home. Since the release of that first album, Briege has gone on to release 5 more albums, bringing to life situations common to people’s own experiences, past and present.
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