Handed Down Series: A picture paints a thousand words

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Handed Down Series Scartaglin. “A picture paints a thousand words” presented by Matt Cranitch

Saturday Jan 28 (Photo influenced)
‘A picture paints a thousand words’
presented by Matt Cranitch

We sent a early 1970s photo of Séamus Creagh and Jackie Daly enjoying 2 large bottles of stout and laughing which Jackie donated to the Handed Down Sliabh Luachra Archives and asked Matt to cast his mind back to that era and to present his thoughts to us in Scartaglin on January 28 in Scartaglin
See photo at YouTube channel Handed Down Sliabh Luachra Archive

In his response to this photograph, Matt will talk about the significant interaction between Sliabh Luachra and Cork city from 1970s onwards, in both the music and dance traditions. Drawing on his personal recollections, as well as his own involvement, he will recall various events and occasions, as well as many of the people involved. Central among them were Séamus Creagh and Jackie Daly, whose seminal recording was issued in 1977.