Moonrakers Folk Orchestra course/workshop

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Moonrakers Folk Orchestra course/workshop

Moonrakers each year run a series of Folk Orchestra workshops across the country. They are for intermediate instrumentalists who wish to develop skills in arranging and playing folk tunes and songs in an ensemble. Jon Bennett (guitar, ukulele, bouzouki, whistles), Jacqui Johnson (cello, fiddle, keyboard) and Becki Luff (harp, keyboard) have many years’ experience conducting workshops at Benslow Music, Halsway Manor and at several festivals. They work through a number of tunes and songs, inviting you to suggest arrangement ideas yourself. Music (with chords, countermelody and bass) will be sent out in advance along with a video of each tune played at medium pace for those who learn by ear. Above all, it’s a rare opportunity to play with a multi-instrumental and welcoming group. For more information, go to and If you want to discuss any aspect of the courses, call 01865 769206 or email

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I forgot to mention the cost!
Cafe available, shops nearby. Music with video sent two weeks in advance for those who book. £40 (£50 including the evening concert). Tickets/information: call 01865 769206 or 07914 79 5823 or email