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Slow Moving Clouds

Slow Moving Clouds are a Dublin-based post-folk band made up of Aki (vocals, nyckelharpa), Ultan O’Brien (fiddle), and Kevin Murphy (celo, vocals). Their music is an organic mix of the Irish and Nordic folk traditions with baroque strings and post-rock influences.

Their third studio album, Kolmas, represents a deeper dive into the Slow Moving Clouds dreamscape world, weaving Finnish and Irish traditional textures with post-punk drones and contemporary classical shades. It builds on their previous records Os (2015) and Starfall (2018) which established an international reputation for the band and led them to collaborate with bands such as The National, Bon Iver and Jenny Lewis. Kolmas is Slow Moving Clouds most original work to date, pushing boundaries, providing a unique compliment to the current tide of alternative folk waves spreading across Ireland, the UK and Europe. The trio of Aki, Ultan O Brien and Kevin Murphy use the Nordic instrument the Nycklelharpa, alongside the Fiddle, Viola, Cello and voice to create their distinctive and singular sound.