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  • Tunes From Doolin

    "A collection of Irish Traditional Music Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Barndances & many other tunes collected in Doolin through sessions, friends and recordings. All tunes are written in ABC format and sheet music is also available."

    # Added by Jeremy .
  • The Irish Mandolin

    A site dedicated to Irish traditional music on the mandolin:

    "Tunes from the Irish tradition played by Aidan Crossey with mandolin tab and links to further information. Now featuring a new section showcasing notable exponents of Irish traditional mandolinery!"

    # Added by Jeremy .
  • Furls of Music—The Michael McNamara Sound Collection

    A digital exhibition based on field recordings made by Leitrim flute player Michael McNamara from 1959 to mid-1990s.

    # Added by Jeremy .
  • John Kelly Capel Street

    This project presents the music & life of John Kelly, a fiddle & concertina player from Rehy in West Clare, who later lived in Capel Street in Dublin. John was a pivotal figure in traditional Irish music throughout the 20th century and still has an influence on musicians to this day.

    The website had been researched and created by John’s granddaughter, Aoife Kelly who is a musician and website designer, in order to share her families knowledge with the wider Irish traditional music community.

    # Added by Jeremy .
  • Irish Traditional Dance Music on 78 RPMs

    A Facebook group dedicated to the sharing and discussion of all aspects related to ITM on 78s, including digitized versions and cover art.

    # Added by Daniel Parker .

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  • Thanks, Jeremy

    Many thanks, Jeremy, for sharing this link.

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  • My first flute

    Hi Tim.

    Posted by .
  • How do they compare to other harps?

    Are they at the same level of quality as, say, a Larry Fisher or Larry Egar harp, or a Camac harp? I'm having trouble finding any reviews online.

    Posted by .
  • Bricksy, so do you still like the Appalachian as much as you seemed to like it when you posted about 5 months ago?

    Posted by .
  • Steve is setting up an Appalachian for me and I'm hoping it will be ready before I head out for Christmas break. We get the whole week off with pay where I work so I'm hoping to spend some quality time with the Appalachian 🙂

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