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  • Folk in Cornwall magazine - listings

    Sessions, club nights and other events in Cornwall.

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  • Michael A Flanagan Irish Music Heritage

    “The goals of the organization are to preserve and enhance traditional Irish music by supporting of Irish music festivals, providing educational programming in the area of traditional Irish music, collecting and storing recordings and materials related to the history of traditional Irish music from immigrant populations in the United States, recognition of outstanding musicians who foster traditional Irish music, including the tenor banjo and providing financial assistance to writers, researchers, filmmakers and creative artists whose projects preserve and disseminate the history, culture and legacy of traditional Irish music.”

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  • Clachan Music

    The website of John Cradden, devoted to traditional Scottish and Irish music played on mandolin and mandolin family instruments. Formerly known as…

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  • The Irish Mandolin Tunebook Volumes 3 and 4 are now available

    Published 3 January 2022.

    Volume 3 comprises 50 tunes from the tradition in sheet music and GDAE format.

    Volume 4 (free with every purchase of Volume 3) comprises 20 tunes in a variety of traditional Irish genres composed by Aidan Crossey.

    E-book format (PDF) to print at home or to browse on your device.

    £3.50 for both and every sale helps support

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  • An A to Z of Irish Traditional Music

    A series of collaborative playlists, compiled by Aidan Crossey and guest contributors, which aims to build into a useful resource for those new to the music or indeed to seasoned listeners/players who may use the playlists to get inspiration for new directions…

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