Paul Bradley Violins

Paul Bradley was born in Bessbrook, County Armagh. His formative years of playing were inspired by his older brother Joe, who plays fiddle, concertina, and tin-whistle, and his brother Dominic, who also plays fiddle. Indeed his whole family has leanings toward music, with his oldest brother, Pat, being an excellent singer and accordionist. His two sisters, Bernie and Geraldine, are also fine singers of songs in both Irish and English, and his brother Laurence has been known to play a tune on the banjo occasionally.

Apart from the immediate influence of the music in his own family, Paul was also a pupil of the renowned fiddler and composer Josephine Keegan. Josephine’s friendship, her love of the music, and the many people she had come to know through music over the years inspired Paul to walk further along that avenue. Later, fiddlers such as Ben Gunne, Martin McGinley, Brian Sutherland, and the many other great fiddlers who Paul was to encounter in Belfast had a lasting effect on his playing. All of these players had a strong northern style, which was often informed by the playing styles of other regions.

It was in Belfast where he recorded his first solo album "Atlantic Roar" on the Outlet record label. This album received a five-star review in the Irish Times from musician, critic and author Fintan Vallely. Paul has managed and played with the well-known Irish Traditional Music group Dorsa (previously na Dorsa). The group toured the USA and Europe regularly, and formed part of Ireland’s musical representation at EXPO 2000 in Hanover.

Paul Bradley trained as a violin-maker and repairer at The Newark School of Violin-Making, England, where he studied violin-making, cello-making and viola-making under Paul Bowers, Patrick Jowett, Bharat Kandekar and Paul Harrild. He also studied repair work extensively. Since he received his diploma from Newark he has been working full time in Galway as a maker and repairer.