Martin Meehan

Martin Meehan was born in 1977 and hails from Manchester. He began playing the tin whistle at a very early age before graduating onto the flute. Angela Durkan and Michael Mc Goldrick began teaching Martin the whistle from the age of 6. Mike introduced Martin to the flute, before his departure to Ireland in 1988. Thanks to the tuition and guidance of Tony Carberry Martin had attained two All-Ireland titles on the bodhrán in 1988 and 1990.

The Manchester Irish traditional music scene has been in existence for over sixty years and undergone many changes. During Martin’s time in Manchester, this was a thriving scene to be involved in. He had very close affiliations with the Manchester CCÉ and grew up playing with great players such as: Eamonn Dinan, Paul and Colin Farrell, Jon-Joe Kelly, Angelina Carberry, Geraldine Lyons, Grace Kelly, Andrew Dinan, Sean Regan, but to name a few. Deep gratitude is owed to Peter Carberry for his time and commitment during this period.

When Martin moved from Manchester to County Armagh in the north of Ireland, he joined the Armagh Pipers club headed by Brian and Eithne Vallely. The Armagh Pipers Club has been in existence for over 20 years. The establishment of traditional music within the Armagh area is a product of the hard work and commitment of Brian and Ethne. Musicians such as Mark Donnelly, Brian Finnegan, Tiarnan Ó Duinnchinn and Jarleth Henderson have been actively involved within the Pipers club hence raising the standard of Irish traditional music in Armagh and the north of Ireland on a whole. The late Peg McGrath had a massive impetus into Martin’s flute playing, as he regularly attended her home in Dundalk for lessons.

Martin’s Father Eugene, hails from Tullamore in County Offaly and plays the box. His Mother Margaret originates from Keady in County Armagh and is a proficient singer. His parent’s enthusiasm and love for Irish traditional music has been a catalyst for Martin’s musical success. His older brother Paul is a professional musician who plays with the Karen Casey band and has also appeared with Liz Carroll, Tommy Peoples and Lunasa. Katriona, Martin’s younger sister, plays the fiddle and she is following firmly in her older siblings footsteps.