1001 Best Whistle Tunes


Hi Folks!
I’ve been studying Irish Music since 2008, and back in that time I created a Personal Tunebook (that I affectionately call it ‘’Tiúineanna’’) and all the tunes that I have learned were added one by one.
Now that I reached O’Neill’s magic number I want to share it with everybody!
It contains modern, traditional tunes and even tunes by members of The Session like Gian Marco, ceolachan, JACKB and others… Most of the tunes you can find in my Tunebook of the Session, unless the tunes I learned by ear and are not in the database.
It may contain some keys misunderstood, mainly with tunes that you don’t play with a D whistle, and all the feedback to make it better is very welcome!
You can download the PDF file here below:
If someone would like the excel file please send me a direct message or an e-mail to marcus.disessa@hotmail.com
It’s a great tool to create new set’s or filter by your favorite composer.. At long last… Infinite possibilities.
I hope it can be useful..
Cheers! All the best!
Marcus Disessa