Tim Adams Irish Flutes - handmade in Sweden


Hi all
If anyone knows anyone who’s looking for a fine handmade Irish flute in Grenadilla (African Blackwood), please send them to the address above. I’ve just launched the 2016 Tim Adams Irish Flute and would like to get the word out. You can see it and hear it at adams.se/flute.

I’m new on Flutemaker Street (2 years) and I’m offering a well made instrument that you can try before you buy. 4 weeks after you order, it’s in the post. How about that!

Thanks to thesession.org for a great and wonderful service! And to all who contribute to it!

Yours humbly


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My first flute

Hi Tim.
I’m excited to see a Swedish flute maker since I am from Norway. I had in mind getting one in Delrin, but now I’m not sure. Since you are much closer and that you also can adjust the holes after the players hand, it makes me very interested. I have smaller hands/fingers. Around 7.5 inches from pinky to thumb, relaxed. I might send you a mail sooner.
Cheers from "Your Little Brother".🙂

Tim Adams Flute

I have a Flute made by Tim Adams for a number of years and while I’m not an expert in the area of manufacturing or playing the instrument sounds as good as the Irish ‘Big Name’ makers in my opinion.