TradMusician is an Android App for musicians using ABC notation files.
Get all your music at your fingertips during your jam sessions even without network.

- easily browse and index all the tunes in your ABC file music collection
- see each tune in standard notation and play it
- search among online tune seach engines and store the tunes in your library for offline use
- mark favorites tunes
- edit or annotate your files

You can also easily sets an "online" Tunebook (especially useful if you are a "The Session" user) and sync to it in a click after you ‘ve made change to it on the web.

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TradMusician ABC files on an Android phone

I have not found help on the developers site or any user groups and it does not look like his email is good… so I hope someone here can help me.

I installed the app on my phone and the app instructions just say that "it is easy" to find your music and manage your playlists. However, when I try to open my abc files there are a bunch of folders that are not mine on the phone. I have no idea where those came from and none of them seem to have any of my files in them - how would they? Does anyone know how the file folders work? Are they on the server, so I need to create my own folder and move my files up to the server? Not "very easy" if you do not know how to do it! : )

Thanks for any help someone can give.