The Irish Mandolin

A site dedicated to Irish traditional music on the mandolin:

"Tunes from the Irish tradition played by Aidan Crossey with mandolin tab and links to further information. Now featuring a new section showcasing notable exponents of Irish traditional mandolinery!"

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Thanks, Jeremy

Many thanks, Jeremy, for sharing this link.

The primary purpose of the site is as a learning aid to mandolinists who are reasonably new to playing Irish music on the mandolin. There’s a lot of "woodshedding" in the early days of playing any instrument in any genre. Hopefully the site will be a means of making that woodshedding just a little bit more productive than it may otherwise have been.

In addition to the main section of the site, there’s also a section featuring many notable exponents of the Irish mandolin. And a section for some music-related musings…


Thanks again to Jeremy for the link.