The Irish Mandolin’s YouTube channel

A companion to my website

Videos which display tunes set out in both “dots” and mandolin tablature while I play the tune once through, so the listener gets the gist. Currently updating at around 5 new videos per day (end-November 2020).

Did you know that in the settings cog for each video you can slow a tune down to half- or even quarter-speed without altering the pitch? A great way to learn tunes…


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The Irish Mandolin Tunebook Volume 1

I’ve now made available for purchase “The Irish Mandolin Tunebook, Volume 1”. In pdf format, to read online or print as works best for you. 100 tunes selected from the “learn some tunes” archive at in standard notation and GDAE tablature format. With an option to purchase an instrument case sticker…

Every purchase will go some way towards helping with the costs of maintaining the site as a useful resource into the future.


Many thanks.