Gianna Violins

Fiddlemaker in Tennessee. Lots of good info on buying, building etc. plus a heap of lovely looking fiddles. I tried one of his cheaper fiddles last year, and took a liking to it straight away.

Three comments

I just bought an Appalachian fiddle from Steve Perry at Gianna Violins. This is such a beautiful instrument, ideal for just about any kind of music. Steve adjusted it perfectly. I am 100% pleased with my fiddle and would recommend Gianna’s to anyone looking for a new fiddle. Steve and Becky go out of their way to get you what you need at a good price.


Steve is setting up an Appalachian for me and I’m hoping it will be ready before I head out for Christmas break. We get the whole week off with pay where I work so I’m hoping to spend some quality time with the Appalachian 🙂

Bricksy, so do you still like the Appalachian as much as you seemed to like it when you posted about 5 months ago?