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  • À La Mode - Android app and tune library

    This is an app for phones and tablets (Android only I’m afraid!) that allows you to maintain and organise a tune library on your device, and do a lot more besides! With support for transposition, playback, mandolin and flute/whistle tablature, a built-in ABC keyboard, sync between devices, access to your library via a web app from any PC, custom sets, ratings, tags and tunebooks, and a lot of options, it’s sure to help you keep track of and finally get round to practising all those tunes…

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  • Foinn - companion - Browse your sets and tunes

    I needed a way to easily browse tunes and sets, and easily switch from one the another. So I built a little app to do just that.
    Check it out! Feedback and feature requests appreciated!

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  • TradMusician

    TradMusician is an Android App for musicians using ABC notation files.
    Get all your music at your fingertips during your jam sessions even without network.

    - easily browse and index all the tunes in your ABC file music collection
    - see each tune in standard notation and play it
    - search among online tune seach engines and store the tunes in your library for offline use
    - mark favorites tunes
    - edit or annotate your files

    You can also easily sets an “online” Tunebook (especially useful if you are a “The Session” user) and sync to it in a click after you ’ve made change to it on the web.

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  • eTuneBook

    I’m happy to announce that today a first version of eTuneBook has gone online.

    With eTuneBook you can manage your tunebook in the browser, edit and view Abc tunes, combine tunes to sets, have a quick look at the first bars of a tune (e.g. on your smart phone during a session), remember when you last played a tune and how good you were, label tunes with a color or add a comment, store links to other sites holding tune informations and jump to those sites by clicking the site buttons, store links to YouTube videos and view them in eTuneBook by clicking the video buttons, easily identify those tunes you should rehearse (just sort by last play dates, rehearse frequency or skill), find tunes by title, key, type or color.

    In eTuneBook your tunebook is stored locally in the Browser, which means that no internet-connection is needed for editing and viewing the dots.

    Since this is the very first version of eTuneBook there will be issues for sure. In order to further develop eTuneBook I would appreciate all sort of critics.

    In case you want to test eTunebook I stronlgy recommend to use Chrome as Browser (Firefox would be a second option).

    eTuneBook is a side-project of, which will, as soon as it’s ready, show my experiences in how to play irish music on the piano accordion. The example tunebook which can be opened in eTuneBook ( is a first version of my tunebook including pianobox fingering on a few tunes (the rest of the tunes are just copies from Future versions of will show more tunes adapted for piano accordion.


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  • Tunepal for iPhone/Android

    The amazing traditional music search engine is now available for iPhones and Android Phones!

    Tunepal was listed in the top twenty cultural apps for iPhone by the Sunday Times (28 March 2010) and also featured in the Irish Times (16 July, 2010) and the Irish Daily Mail(17 July, 2010.)

    Ever sat in a trad session and wondered what was the name of that great tune someone just played? Well now you can search a database of over 13,000 tunes from your Android phone BY PLAYING!

    Just hold your Android phone up to a melody instrument such as the tin-whistle, flute, concertina, uilleann pipes, accordion or banjo, hit record and the melody will be extracted and submitted to the search engine for matching.

    Matching tunes are downloaded to your phone, where you can view the ABC, the stave, email the tune to yourself, post it to facebook or play it back using the high quality playback engine based on ABC2MIDI.

    Tunepal can search tune collections from thesession,org, Henrik Norbeck, O’Neills 1001, Nigel Gatherer and five volumes of Ceol Rince na hÉireann.

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  • Abctool

    Here’s a nifty little python script for doing all sorts of things with abc files: transposing, pdf/midi output, even translation to Danish/German. Works great on non-windows (i.e. Linux)

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  • Software Swing Metronome With Jig Rhythms

    This metronome can play rhythms with swing including jig rhythm timings. Also has lilt bars as in traditional music, gradual tempo changes, and other features of interest to traditional music players. The drum stick and conductor visuals help you hit the beat exactly and stay in time. No abc at present but have plans to add ability to play the tunes as well in the future.

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  • ABC Notation

    The home of ABC notation.

    Lists & links of abc software & tune collections.

    Formerly at

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    Freeware / open source software for producing /editing ‘high quality’ music scores. Imports and exports midi, and music.xml files.

    No direct support for importing ABC files, but there are plenty of options for converting these to /from midi.

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  • ABC Tune Search

    A smart ABC pattern matching website, which does some intelligent, fuzzy search matching on input snippets of ABC. Input a snippet or phrase from any part of a tune, select the tune type, and watch it find the tune you’re looking for!

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