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  • Kaleis Session’s

    Fondé en 2017, Kaleis Session’s est un collectif de musiciens installés à Calais et centré sur la musique traditionnelle (Folk ou Celtique). Il a pour objectif de se rencontrer dans diffèrent lieu de manifestation (PUB, Café, Estaminet, Restaurant, Fête & Festival, Scène libre) en organisant des sessions musicales.

    Le site WEB = BLOG permet de diffuser l’actualité du groupe mais pas que. C’est aussi un espace de partage d’information très utile pour tous les passionnés de musique trad. Ou simplement les curieux qui désirent découvrir le mouvement folk.

    Vous y trouverez tous les liens pour écouter les radios Folk/Celtic en DIRECT et aussi des cartes sur les manifestations ( Fête et Festival ), Lieux de session, Lieux de Stage …

    En cours de développement la carte de FRANCE pour la Saint Patrick Day 2019

    Vous pouvez y participer en nous contactant par mail sur

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  • Comhaltas na Breataine (Comhaltas in Britain)

    This is the website for the British Province of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

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  • Lower Valley Beginner Irish Session

    Conceived and plotted by Mark B. and other anonymous ninja collaborators, the Lower Valley Beginner Irish Session is a tune-teaching slow session based in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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  • Cape Breton’s Magazine

    Here are all of the 74 issues of Cape Breton’s Magazine, editor Ronald Caplan, including a complete index to the editions (author / volume / subject) compiled by Brian Tennyson and Sandra Atwell. Preface - - "In the autumn of 1972 Ron Caplan, an American who had discovered the charms of Cape Breton, established Cape Breton’s Magazine, partly because he thought the island’s unique character, history and folklore should be preserved but also partly - as he cheerfully admits - because he had to find a way to make a living that would enable him to remain here. - - - "

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  • The Irish Tune Composers’ Pages

    A New Website Dedicated to Composers of Traditional Irish Music from O’Carolan to Reavy to Fahey to McGoldrick

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  • Europeana

    Multilingual online repository of European cultures— text, pictures, videos, audio, it’s there. Access to music from the Irish Traditional Music Archives among other archives and libraries across the continent.

    A search for "fiddle" for example will yield as it’s 2nd result "Parlophone Irish 78s, 1929," which will give you information about the collection. Click on the blue audio symbol and you’ll get the actual material, including ‘Clonlara Quadrilles’ and ‘Tipperary Flings’ from Sean Madden on accordion, not to mention jigs, reels, airs and other tunes by other players on other instruments. Anyway, I’m excited about it. ;)

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  • Kyle Gann Introduction To Historical Tunings

    A comprehensive explanation of the different types of scales and how they came to be.

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  • Celtic Rambler - Celtic Art & Design

    Following the trail of the Wild Geese and taking a wrong turn or two, "Celtic Rambler" ended up in the Celtic heartland of France and found a home-from-home, complete with green grassy fields, brown cows and blight on his potatoes. This site is a showcase for artwork inspired by the shared mythological culture of Ireland and central France fused with modern technology. These Celtic-style patterns can be adapted to a wide range of projects and materials, offering you the chance to buy custom-made gifts or commission a truly unique image for your personal projects.

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  • Tie the Ribbons

    Closet Confessions of a Wannabe Traditional Irish Flute Player. Playing traditional Irish music on a Boehm flute.

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  • The Session (Photos)

    The Session on Flickr is a place for photos taken at Irish Traditional Music Sessions. It doesn’t matter whether they are taking place in a pub, somebody’s house, on a boat or elsewhere.

    We also welcome good shots of sessions from other traditions (breton, scottish, english, acadian, Cape Breton, etc.).

    The photos should preferably not be of gigs or staged events and if possible they should not have been taken with a flash (unless the flash is not noticable) to retain the atmosphere.

    Please add some information such as who is in the shot and where & when it was taken.

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