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  • The Session Shoppe

    The best deals ever on all essential sessionware: CDs, books, musical instruments, gifts and more!

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  • Doris Norris

    There should be more sites on the Net like this, a firsthand experience of the world of Irish music and its inhabiting characters.

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  • The Septic’s Companion

    A British slang dictionary useful to those residing on either side of the pond.

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  • Jonathan Lynn

    The founder of the Toronto group TIPsplinter and recitationist extraordinaire.

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  • John Stump Compositions

    List of links to humorous & unplayable compositions.
    Widely distributed ‘Death Waltz’ & others.
    Prepared by Bryan Higgins

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  • Instrument Jokes

    A selection of musical jokes organized according to instrument.
    Not surprisingly, the viola wins by a big margin!

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  • Bizarre Records

    Music-related, made me laugh. There’s at least one album - a Stroll Through the Emerald Isle by someone called Kathy Shadows, which is worth a visit in its own right.

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  • Fianna - Tune Name Generator

    The Irish band, Fianna, has come up with an amazing new way to name your new tunes - The Tune Name Generator. Instead of thinking up titles such as ‘The Boys of Bluehill’ and ‘The Cup of Tea’ for your wee ditties, with the click of a button you can produce your own customised name. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

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  • Pat Reilly’s 2000 Years of Irish Music timeline

    You really have to know *some*thing about Irish music in order to find this funny, but if you do, this is hilarious…

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