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  • Kaleis Session’s

    Fondé en 2017, Kaleis Session’s est un collectif de musiciens installés à Calais et centré sur la musique traditionnelle (Folk ou Celtique). Il a pour objectif de se rencontrer dans diffèrent lieu de manifestation (PUB, Café, Estaminet, Restaurant, Fête & Festival, Scène libre) en organisant des sessions musicales.

    Le site WEB = BLOG permet de diffuser l’actualité du groupe mais pas que. C’est aussi un espace de partage d’information très utile pour tous les passionnés de musique trad. Ou simplement les curieux qui désirent découvrir le mouvement folk.

    Vous y trouverez tous les liens pour écouter les radios Folk/Celtic en DIRECT et aussi des cartes sur les manifestations ( Fête et Festival ), Lieux de session, Lieux de Stage …

    En cours de développement la carte de FRANCE pour la Saint Patrick Day 2019

    Vous pouvez y participer en nous contactant par mail sur

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  • The Session Shoppe

    The best deals ever on all essential sessionware: CDs, books, musical instruments, gifts and more!

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  • Doris Norris

    There should be more sites on the Net like this, a firsthand experience of the world of Irish music and its inhabiting characters.

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  • The Septic’s Companion

    A British slang dictionary useful to those residing on either side of the pond.

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  • Jonathan Lynn

    The founder of the Toronto group TIPsplinter and recitationist extraordinaire.

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  • John Stump Compositions

    List of links to humorous & unplayable compositions.
    Widely distributed ‘Death Waltz’ & others.
    Prepared by Bryan Higgins

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  • Instrument Jokes

    A selection of musical jokes organized according to instrument.
    Not surprisingly, the viola wins by a big margin!

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  • Bizarre Records

    Music-related, made me laugh. There’s at least one album - a Stroll Through the Emerald Isle by someone called Kathy Shadows, which is worth a visit in its own right.

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  • Fianna - Tune Name Generator

    The Irish band, Fianna, has come up with an amazing new way to name your new tunes - The Tune Name Generator. Instead of thinking up titles such as ‘The Boys of Bluehill’ and ‘The Cup of Tea’ for your wee ditties, with the click of a button you can produce your own customised name. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

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  • Pat Reilly’s 2000 Years of Irish Music timeline

    You really have to know *some*thing about Irish music in order to find this funny, but if you do, this is hilarious…

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