Links for “mailing lists”

  • Irish Traditional Dance Music on 78 RPMs

    A Facebook group dedicated to the sharing and discussion of all aspects related to ITM on 78s, including digitized versions and cover art.

    Added by Daniel Parker .
  • The Irish Music Review forum

    I’ve set up a discussion board for anyone looking for particular recordings of Irish music as well as offering the chance to chat/fume/extrapolate about any particular album or just generally kick the metaphoricals in whichever direction you chose.

    Added by GW .
  • Fiddle-l

    A mailing list devoted to fiddle-playing. Originally set up by George Keith, it’s been going strong for many years.

    Added by Jeremy .

    Traditional & modern music with a Celtic flavor.

    Added by Tawny .
  • Uilleann

    Uilleann pipes email list.

    Added by mconners .
  • Irtrad-l

    A discussion list for Irish traditional music. The list members are exceptionally courteous and knowledgable.

    Added by Jeremy .