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  • Zahatar: Acoustic String Band’s “The Little Country”album on Kickstarter through July 4th!

    We want to have the opportunity to record an album version of The Little Country song cycle, which began as single melody lines in the appendix of one of Charles de Lint’s urban fantasy novels from the early 90’s. These tunes had never before been arranged for string band in their entirety, until now. Zahatar recently held a sold-out performance of the song cycle, and recording an album is our next endeavor.

    We love playing Celtic music, and The Little Country is a project that’s very near and dear to us. We want to share this experience with the world!

    Please check out our Kickstarter page and consider a pledge - most reward tiers include either a digital copy of the album or a physical copy or both!

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  • Music network

    Music Network was established by the Irish Arts Council in 1986 to make live music of the highest quality available and accessible to everyone in Ireland, regardless of their location or circumstance, while supporting the career development of highly skilled Irish and international artists.

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  • The Irish Music Review forum

    I’ve set up a discussion board for anyone looking for particular recordings of Irish music as well as offering the chance to chat/fume/extrapolate about any particular album or just generally kick the metaphoricals in whichever direction you chose.

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  • Fiddle-l

    A mailing list devoted to fiddle-playing. Originally set up by George Keith, it’s been going strong for many years.

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    Traditional & modern music with a Celtic flavor.

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  • abcusers mail list

    … a mailing list intended as a forum for discussing the abc
    notation & the software tools to handle abc.

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  • Dublin Harpers’ Circle

    A harpers’ circle, set up after a truly inspiring week at Scoil na gCláirseach, Autumn 2005 (, highly recommended…)

    We play the wire-strung harp, some of us travelling from outside Ireland to be at the monthly gatherings usually in the Dublin area. This is the Yahoo group we’ve been using to coordinate the events, the first of which was in September 2005.

    If you’re interested in coming along to one, drop me a line or check out the group!

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  • Tacoma Celtic Players

    A discussion group and place to post events and plan sessions in Tacoma Washington (USA)

    Our sessions are geared towards beginner/beginner freindly, but all levels are welcome as long as the beginners get plenty of time to play at their speed.

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  • Ould Sod Session Yahoo Group

    Tune books and other resources for the weekly Tuesday night session at the Ould Sod Pub in San Diego, CA.

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  • centohiotrad - Central Ohio Trad

    This group is devoted to announcements (and perhaps sparse discussion) related to the Irish traditional music scene in central Ohio. The list is open to both musicians and listeners.
    Whoever you are, we hope you will announce any concerts, workshops, festivals, etc., of interest to central Ohioans. This might include, for example, festivals in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or even Pennsylvania or Michigan if big enough. This will also help us coordinate session information, and perhaps provide a way for visitors to get in touch with local musicians.
    Our goal is to have announcements about every public event of interest to central Ohio devotees of Irish music.
    Please feel free to subscribe—someone will have to approve the subscription, but we have that policy only to avoid auto-spammers!

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