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  • Highland Sun

    One of the top independent bands in California, playing music from Ireland, Scotland, and Parts Unknown…

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  • Scad the Beggars

    ‘Scad the Beggars’ are a group of six North Antrim Folk who perform the traditional Music, Song and Verse popular in Antrim. They play Fiddle, Knee Harp, Banjo, Mandolin, Concertina, Hammer Dulcimer, Fife, Guitar, Bouzouki, Bodhran, Scottish Highland & Small Pipes & Leicestershire Small Pipes and Drum.

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  • 40 Thieves

    Tasty Irish trad/bar band based in Washington DC! Check out our schedule, mp3s, etc. Proud to reel and proud to rock!

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  • Shilelagh Law

    Four piece acoustic band (guitar,fiddle, bass, bodhran) from NYC trying to put some new batteries into some old Clancy Bros and Wolfetone songs. Got quite a following on the East Coast. Definetly NOT Celtic Rock….all tunes done with the respect each song deserves…just played a little faster and a little more passion.

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  • Comas

    A four-piece band, the members are:
    Sylvain Barou : uilleann pipes, wooden flutes, low whistles.
    Aidan Burke : fiddle.
    Philip Masure : guitar, vocals.
    Jackie Moran : bodhran, percussion& vocals.

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  • Blue-Stone

    Trad-Irish-Musik from the deep south of Germany. The band released its third cd lately and is a good life act as well…

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  • More Maids

    "More Maids have arrived at a stage where their vocal prowess equally matches their impressive instrumental work……" (Irish Music Magazine)

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  • Spraoi

    A Toronto based traditional band that play a number of different styles.

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  • Tommy Makem and the Makem Brothers

    The official site of Tommy Makem and his sons, who have formed their own band.

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  • Trouble in The Kitchen

    This is a young traditional band originally from Canberra in Australia (believe it or not!) They are the most popular traditional band in Australia and are great musicians and people. This is actually Sir Noses group.

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