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  • The Joe Cooley Tapes

    An archive of tape recordings made in the 70s of Joe Cooley in San Francisco. The tunes are available for streaming or can be downloaded in .zip files.

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  • Furls of Music—The Michael McNamara Sound Collection

    A digital exhibition based on field recordings made by Leitrim flute player Michael McNamara from 1959 to mid-1990s.

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  • John Kelly Capel Street

    This project presents the music & life of John Kelly, a fiddle & concertina player from Rehy in West Clare, who later lived in Capel Street in Dublin. John was a pivotal figure in traditional Irish music throughout the 20th century and still has an influence on musicians to this day.

    The website had been researched and created by John’s granddaughter, Aoife Kelly who is a musician and website designer, in order to share her families knowledge with the wider Irish traditional music community.

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  • The Craic Was Ninety - Irish Traditional Music at 78 RPM

    Some interesting 78 RPM recordings here by a variety of artists.

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  • The Music of Julia Clifford

    This was posted some months ago in the Discussions section, so I thought I’d transfer this very cool resource on the Sliabh Luachra–London fiddler over here. Some great tunes in here, recorded and transcribed. I don’t think they’ve all made it onto commercial recordings of the Cliffords, Denis Murphy, or Pádraig O’Keeffe..

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  • Ed Palmer Old Time Music

    Ed palmer plays old time folk and country music on his guitar, harmonica and piano. also his three daughters sing vocal

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  • Irish Fingerpicking Guitar Vol.1 and Vol. 2 - Jean Banwarth

    Two books for fingerstyle Guitar, with tabs and scores for DADGAD and standard tuning
    Every tune is given in both classical writing & tabs, fingerings are indicated if necessary.
    Bilingual edition (French / English). The books includes DVDs with videos from

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  • Paul Bradley on YouTube

    Paul Bradley Violin maker’s youtube channel ‘irishviolinmaker’
    with videos of paul playing fiddles he has made. A good place to hear fiddle playing and to hear newly hand made irish fiddles.

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  • Paul Bradley on Facebook

    FB page of Paul Bradley Violin Maker.
    Regular updates on Paul’s violin making activities.
    Pictures of the processes with commentaries.
    Pictures of finished instruments.

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  • Paul Bradley on Flickr

    Paul Bradley Violin Maker’s photostream on flickr - pics of new instruments in completion and under construction.

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