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  • Séamus Connolly Collection

    The licensing for the Séamus Connolly Collection is certainly friendly, so much so that that I downloaded all of the pdf’s and converted them to abc notation:

    There are bound to be some errors. Caveat Emptor.

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  • Index page to the Tom Buchanan collection

    The link to the 10-month effort of three of thesession.orgs members that rendered abc notation from 652 pages of hand-written notes from Tom Buchanan, a Scottish gentleman who left behind copies of his work at session in the 1990’s. 1102 tunes, most trad with a smattering of other stuff.

    Includes links to the abc notation for each tune, a pdf rendered from the abc notation and a low resolution copy of the original scan.

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  • Links for threads #40353 (Paddy Fahey’s)

    pdf and abc files regarding the Paddy Faye’s discussion’s_by_Maria_Holohan.pdf

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  • Connie O’Connell

    Original Compositions from a Master Fiddle Player.

    The Department of Music, University College Cork, is delighted to host this exciting initiative by one of the great masters of Irish traditional music, the fiddle player Connie O’Connell. Connie’s teaching has been at the heart of traditional music studies at University College Cork for nearly forty years and his profile as one of Ireland’s leading fiddle players has brought great honour to the University throughout that time.

    Here, Connie shares a collection of over sixty recently composed jigs, reels, hornpipes, slides and polkas, and a few of his older compositions which have become popular. We hope the collection will become a valuable source of new traditional music for musicians and scholars, and that the tunes will give pleasure to many players and listeners for years to come.

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  • Killarney School Of Music

    The website of the Killarney School Of Music. Apart from their course offers etc. they provide a free library of tune mp3s for learning (mostly played on the whistle), which is a nice thing… might be of interest for beginners:

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  • Comhaltas na Breataine (Comhaltas in Britain)

    This is the website for the British Province of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

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  • 1001 Best Whistle Tunes

    Hi Folks!
    I’ve been studying Irish Music since 2008, and back in that time I created a Personal Tunebook (that I affectionately call it ‘’Tiúineanna’’) and all the tunes that I have learned were added one by one.
    Now that I reached O’Neill’s magic number I want to share it with everybody!
    It contains modern, traditional tunes and even tunes by members of The Session like Gian Marco, ceolachan, JACKB and others… Most of the tunes you can find in my Tunebook of the Session, unless the tunes I learned by ear and are not in the database.
    It may contain some keys misunderstood, mainly with tunes that you don’t play with a D whistle, and all the feedback to make it better is very welcome!
    You can download the PDF file here below:
    If someone would like the excel file please send me a direct message or an e-mail to
    It’s a great tool to create new set’s or filter by your favorite composer.. At long last… Infinite possibilities.
    I hope it can be useful..
    Cheers! All the best!
    Marcus Disessa

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  • Zahatar: Acoustic String Band’s “The Little Country”album on Kickstarter through July 4th!

    We want to have the opportunity to record an album version of The Little Country song cycle, which began as single melody lines in the appendix of one of Charles de Lint’s urban fantasy novels from the early 90’s. These tunes had never before been arranged for string band in their entirety, until now. Zahatar recently held a sold-out performance of the song cycle, and recording an album is our next endeavor.

    We love playing Celtic music, and The Little Country is a project that’s very near and dear to us. We want to share this experience with the world!

    Please check out our Kickstarter page and consider a pledge - most reward tiers include either a digital copy of the album or a physical copy or both!

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  • Manx Traditional Music for Sessions

    60 tunes from the Isle of Man, by dance time and in sets.

    The book also has a written section (49 A4 pages) that puts Manx traditional music into context, giving a brief history of traditional music and dance in the Island; its decline and revival; links between Manx and neighbouring traditions; a discussion on what makes music ‘traditional’; Manx tune names; playing in sessions; modal scales and set building, and so on.

    The author has been playing traditional music for over 30 years and been closely involved with Manx music for most of that time.

    The collection includes many tunes you will not have heard, some nice variations of Irish and other tunes plus a few popular compositions.

    Available from Nigel Gatherer’s site (follow the link).

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  • Traditional Tunes from Leitrim | Fund of Music

    Flute, tin whistle and fiddle audio recordings in the Leitrim style. Searchable database with accompanying notation and midi. Features locally popular tunes played by Brian O’Callaghan.
    Also includes browsable and downloadable ABC tunebooks. Tune settings by music collector and teacher the late Mick Clancy from Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim comprise one collection.

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