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  • The Irish Mandolin’s YouTube channel

    A companion to my website

    Videos which display tunes set out in both "dots" and mandolin tablature while I play the tune once through, so the listener gets the gist. Currently updating at around 5 new videos per day (end-November 2020).

    Did you know that in the settings cog for each video you can slow a tune down to half- or even quarter-speed without altering the pitch? A great way to learn tunes…


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  • Learn Tin Whistle - Free Lessons & Resources

    The website is all about the tin whistle. Tutorials, tabs, and other resources.

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  • Jig Rig by Michael Denieffe

    A tune resource for learners, with an emphasis on accordion.

    "This site is in association with Ceolan School of Irish Traditional Music and Mulroy Music to help students gain easy access to some of the tunes studied in class. It also contains other tunes popular with teachers and learners. The tunes are suitable for beginners and intermediate players."

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  • Foinn - companion - Browse your sets and tunes

    I needed a way to easily browse tunes and sets, and easily switch from one the another. So I built a little app to do just that.
    Check it out! Feedback and feature requests appreciated!

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  • Killarney School Of Music

    The website of the Killarney School Of Music. Apart from their course offers etc. they provide a free library of tune mp3s for learning (mostly played on the whistle), which is a nice thing… might be of interest for beginners:

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  • The Donegal School of Traditional Irish Music

    At the Donegal School of Traditional Irish Music, we are 100% committed to providing Irish Music enthusiasts with a unique holiday experience in a part of Donegal steeped in musical heritage and history .
    We are passionate about our music and culture. Our aim is to provide all our visiting guests with an opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in Traditional Irish Music in its natural environment.
    Ardara is a town renowned for its friendly people, lively pubs and music festivals in particular. It was voted ‘Best Village to Live In Ireland’ by the Irish Times in 2012!
    Situated on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ardara is ideally located to explore the beautiful, breathtaking, natural wonders that are dotted along this stunning coastline. Approximately 2500kms long, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest coastal touring route in the world. Meet the people, hear the stories, enjoy the scenery and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this truly amazing place.
    While the Donegal School of Traditional Irish Music centers mainly around music we also promote the other aspects of Irish culture and heritage. We can also arrange short classes and demonstrations in the Irish language, Set Dancing, Weaving, Basket Making, Story-Telling and Poetry to name a few. For those who enjoy the great outdoors we can provide Guided Walks, Boat Tours and Fishing, Bicycle Hire, Golf, Kayaking and much more. Our classes finish at 4pm giving you ample opportunity to explore all of these hidden gems on the Wild Atlantic Way… making your stay unforgettable.

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  • Skype fiddle & sean-nós singing lessons with Eithne Ní Chatháin

    My name is Eithne Ní Chatháin. I am a touring singer, songwriter (Inni-K) and musician who likes to keep up my passion for teaching traditional fiddle & sean-nós singing whether I’m at home or on tour, via online Skype lessons.

    Skype lessons are ideal for anyone who would like to learn from the comfort of their own home; for those who have a travelling lifestyle; or who maybe can’t fit in, or don’t have access to local weekly lessons.

    Please get in touch if you’re interested in having lessons at eithnenichathain(at)yahoo(dot)com to explore this fun way of learning from anywhere around the globe! And check out the website link for more info.

    Good internet connection is essential.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Le beannacht,

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  • Manx Traditional Music for Sessions

    60 tunes from the Isle of Man, by dance time and in sets.

    The book also has a written section (49 A4 pages) that puts Manx traditional music into context, giving a brief history of traditional music and dance in the Island; its decline and revival; links between Manx and neighbouring traditions; a discussion on what makes music ‘traditional’; Manx tune names; playing in sessions; modal scales and set building, and so on.

    The author has been playing traditional music for over 30 years and been closely involved with Manx music for most of that time.

    The collection includes many tunes you will not have heard, some nice variations of Irish and other tunes plus a few popular compositions.

    Available from Nigel Gatherer’s site (follow the link).

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  • Jethro Burns Mandolin Lesson Tapes

    Excellent collection of audio recordings made by students of Jethro Burns, mandolin player. Jazz/bluegrass/country style.

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  • Learn Banjo & Mandolin via Skype

    Learn Banjo and Mandolin via Skype

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