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  • Katryn Conlin

    Intermediate level fiddle player, from the Midwestern U.S.

    joined one hour ago
  • Fiorina joined 2 hours ago
  • Castle

    Dabble in whistle, harmonica, and tabla

    joined 2 hours ago
  • lightspeaker

    Tin whistle beginning learner.

    joined 3 hours ago
  • Paddy Barney

    I play some acoustic guitar. Have played a bit of fiddle, ukulele and Harmonica. Focusing on the Tenor banjo right now.

    joined 4 hours ago
  • Tom St. Cyr

    Student of the Bodhrán and Octave Mandolin from New Hampshire

    joined 9 hours ago
  • Caitlin Conway


    joined 10 hours ago
  • JosephK

    Originally from Limerick City, I've lived in the states for almost 36 years. I play fiddle and bouzouki.

    joined 12 hours ago
  • KDLev

    Guitar, rhythm player, tip toeing into melody...

    joined 18 hours ago
  • Sweaty Jim

    mandolin, guitar.

    joined 20 hours ago