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  • Jane Moulder

    Based in North Staffordshire in the UK. I play bagpipes and a whole variety of 16th century woodwind instruments. I have a passion for 17th century tunes but especially 3/2 hornpipes.

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    I wouldn't consider myself a flexible proffesional on any instrument but I play bass, electric guitar, accoustic, piano and keys with native instruments software and mess around on accordion, banjo, ukelele and harmonica and I sing.

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  • faeryangus

    I'm a classical voice student, but I also play violin. I haven't played the violin in any capacity for some time, and I wanted to take her out and start exploring some folk music, which is another of my greatest loves.

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  • Dmacstarr

    From Central Pa. Learning to play the Irish flute. Initially looking for practice tunes.

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  • Chris Burnell

    I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but currently living in London, England.

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