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  • Peter Callaghan joined 2 hours ago
  • Lark Bowland

    From Stroud and play violin :)

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  • Frank Nagel

    I'm from Thale, Germany. I'm a Guitar teacher.

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  • Darren Maginnes

    I play a flute in a marching band,but have been interested for sometime now in Irish flute playing. So I bought myself an Irish D flute, and been watching loads of you tube clips . So could do with some helpful tips.

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  • Kathryn Evans

    I'm a fiddle player in California. San Francisco sessions are thriving these days!

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  • Sinéad Mc Donnell

    I'm from Dublin and I play the fiddle and the recorder/tin whistle

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  • Lindsay Dee

    i just sing

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  • BooM04

    Hello Im whistler from Ukraine! In love of irish music and country.

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