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  • Mary F. Kelly

    Violin. Mostly classical. Played with teacher group in Santa Ana, Ca. while teaching in the Public Schools. Continued off and on while playing regularly with a local Symphony Orchestra. Now retired. Hope to get back into playing with local group between g...

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  • Alireza kazemi

    I am violin maker

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  • Mara Magpie

    Fiddle player

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  • Egil Heine Strand

    Norwegian playing lots of instruments: Whistles, bodhran, accordion, fiddle, banjo, saxophone, guitar, recorders...

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  • Shelley e. Olds

    Life long musician, learned to play piano by listening to my dad. Many decades later I play a passable hammered dulcimer, mandolin, oboe, sax, and now harp.

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  • willvinson14

    I am a whistle/flute player in Dallas, Texas. I play a few string instruments as well, but I am primarily here for whistle/flute talk.

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