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  • Teresalee

    Piano accordion

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  • Adrian Dobbins

    I'm from Leighton Buzzard, and play bass in a local ceilidh band called The Barn Rat Band. I also play guitar and mandolin.

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    Play Guitar,enjoy folk music,live in Oxfordshire

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  • Martin Kelleher

    My name is Martin Kelleher I play the guitar and I love trad I use a little DADGAD if need be, but mostly I use dropped D. I'm now living in Tuam co Galway.

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  • uralsteve

    Struggle with mandolin,whistle and flute as new hobbies after playing guitar for some years. Also ukulele for fun.

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  • arthurR

    Washington DC area fiddler. Talk to me about Sunday sessions at Nanny O'Briens!

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