Dianne Bouffard

I grew up in Sudbury, and in a home filled with people playing music. I started playing the piano at 9 yrs old, with lessons and accompanied my Father while he played his fiddle, which was mostly country and western back then (1965). As a teen, inspired by the original organizers of Festival Boreal, I started playing the guitar. (1970-72); taking lessons from a great French folk singer named Robert Paquette.
At 21 the banjo came into my life, learning from my uncle Sid Yates (well known back then 1978-79) an avid bluegrass musician himself, I began my love affair with my banjo.
Then life happened, I have not touched my banjo in over 15 yrs, I lent it to my brother who is also a musician and lives in Ottawa. I will request it back ASAP. I was so inspired by the music at the festival this year 2015,
I’m encouraged to play again. Hopefully, my brain and fingers will remember… am I dating myself too much…lol