Tara LeAnn

tunebook 11 tunes.

I am a classically-trained flute player who first fell in love with
Irish music in Kyoto, Japan in the mid-1980s.
I lurked around the edges of some sessions in Australia and
New Zealand after leaving Japan, then returned to the US and
got very busy with further education, so my flute and whistles sat
on the shelf for many years. I then spent five years or so actively
playing in and hosting sessions in and around Bonn, Germany.
I am now also involved in music as meditation and therapy,
and some of my music is at www.wavegarden.bandcamp.com.

In the last several years, I’ve become a singer/songwriter, and
many say they can hear a Celtic influence in my songs.
More music will be appearing soon at www.spaceforgrace.com.
After a couple of years living on Bali in Indonesia, I’m back in
Germany, now based in Cologne.