tunebook 5 tunes.

I live in Northern Indiana, close enough to visit the Chicago sessions.

I have a bunch of Goldie whistles (he’s awesome) and I have a keyed Paddy Ward flute and keyless Olwell and I love both of them. I’m on the ‘will I still be able to play when I’m that old’ waiting list for a six key Olwell and I have an Olwell Eb keyless and a C midjoint ordered that should be here before Christmas 2018.

I’ve played music for all of my life but trad for only five years. I’m infatuated with studying style, recordings of masters, the old tunebooks and everything else related. I am a good player but I am pretty convinced now that I will probably never play like the great masters. It only depresses me when I allow myself to think about it. I love playing - what else should matter. Still, the ego is a persistent beast you have to constantly tame.