tunebook 5 tunes.


I have a jazz background in saxophone and was hooked into Irish music from the Bothy Brothers only a few years ago. I have been studying the music profusely since and have made a good deal of progress but of course, there is so much to learn.

I play a Boehm flute (Altus) and an Irish flute (George Ormiston) Recently obtained a Paddy Ward six key (Very under-rated maker) and an Olwell keyless (Awesome flute!). I play whistles by (Colin Goldie). I have Colin’s: soprano D, mezzo A, tenor F and D and have just ordered: Eb, C#, C and Bb (now a G as well) so I can play in any key for my church and pop gigs. I also ha a Gene Milligan that has a very lovely tone but has some pitch issues that make it difficult to play in sessions. I’m hoping to work with Gene and see if he can tweak it for me but just haven’t gotten around to it. The Irish flute is taking awhile so I still play a lot of the Boehm because I don’t have to ‘think’ as much but eventually I believe I’ll have to stay on the simple system so I can make faster progress. For now I’m spending most of my energy memorizing tunes and am beginning to concentrate on stylistically correct ornamentation. I know there are an infinite ways of using ornamentation but I’ve been playing some that isn’t really a part of the infinite subset.

I’ve been using the resources on "Thesession" from the very beginning and appreciate it very much. I never felt the need to join until I just learned "The Bird Feeder" reel from "Cherish the Ladies" (Joanie Madden) "At Home" album and came here to look it up and was surprised to find that nobody has transcribed it yet. I thought I should give it a go and share what I think is a wonderful lively reel (second tune in the Limerick Lasses set).