Liam Ó Gógáin

Moved to West Donegal in January 2015. I enjoy learning to play the guitar and singing songs, great for the soul. I’m trying to overcome a constant problem with timing when playing with others.
I also am learning tunes on my mandolin. I find the iPad app Tunebook brilliant for learning tunes by slowing them right down for me to learn the notes. I am intent on learning to read music using Tunebook. I’ve been to a local session here, and the players are welcoming and inclusive even if they are playing a lot faster than I can, presently. I would also like to learn the chords and strum patterns to play along with tunes on my guitar. I found this site very informative and while lot of stuff is over my head I’m trying to pick up as many bits of music theory etc as I can.
I hope to meet up with others in the area to learn collaboratively with and play songs with for fun.