Music Network

Music Network’s mission is to make high quality live music available and accessible to people throughout Ireland, regardless of their location or circumstance, while supporting the career development of musicians.

Music Network is a national music touring and development organisation, and was founded in 1986 by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

The organisation holds a unique position in the Irish music sector and has a strong and consistent track record of achievements. Over the 32 years of its existence, Music Network has contributed significantly to music development throughout Ireland through its national reach, development of touring infrastructure, and linking of arts policy with on the ground activity.

Music Network’s vision is that of a culture which increasingly values live music as an integral part of our everyday lives. Everything the organisation does correlates to this vision: from its work in music education, to supporting musicians at varying stages of their development, to providing concerts, audience development and outreach activities through its valued network of partners.